Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Food Web Assignment - Ecolog assignment #4

Do the following assignment as Assignment #4 in your eco log.

1. Go to http://www.bigelow.org/edhab/fitting_algae.html#Top 

2. Read through the web page and describe the meaning of the following terms
** Photo
** Auto
** Troph
** Hetero
** Photoautroph
** Primary Producer

3.  Go to http://www.bigelow.org/edhab/game.html  
Play the game of putting the correct organisms in their food web. Use the information at http://www.bigelow.org/edhab/fitting_algae.html#Activity if you need it.

When you are done with the food web game, draw it into your ecolog.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Offshore Wind Power Line Wins Praise, and Backing - New York Times

Read this article about how Google and some other investors plan to build a multi-billion dollar "electricity backbone" 15 miles off the Atlantic coast of the US to encourage the building of giant wind-farms out in the ocean. What do you think about the proposal? Do you think Google and the company "Good Energies" will end up making money on this project? Will it help or hurt the environment?

Protesters for and against building wind turbines near the shore.  Both groups might like the plan to build wind farms far from the shore so they will barely be seen, and won't affect wild-life as much and wind turbines near land.