Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What killed all these fish? Yes, each dot is a dead fish and that is a river, not a road!

Read the article about the mystery of what is killiing all these fish near the Gulf of Mexico.

"At this point, it's impossible to tell whether hypoxia (low oxygen) from Big Ag's (agricultural) fertilizer runoff (more about that here) or toxins from BP's oil and dispersants killed the fish, or if some unholy conspiracy between the two performed the deed."


  1. That's messed up. I couldn't beleive that was a river and not a road. How can we fix this situation? It's surprising that we even have to fix this kind of problem...

  2. Our thoughts after reading this article is really unexplained because there is the pictures of all the fishes dead and its just disgusting. In some part it shows us that people out there still really care about the fishes if they are taking time to find out what is killing them aand providing us with information.

  3. it wasn't the oil that killed the fishes because people would of noticed. it would be the low oxygen because certain fishes would die in different timing of oxygen.

    ashley, fernando, marcus, giovanni, kiwane

  4. There are two possible reasons that all the fish were killed on this river. One is the BP Oil spill and the toxins it created. The other possibility is hypoxia or low oxygen caused by fertilizer from agriculture. We're wondering if both situations could be the cause of this insane fish kill. This insane fish kill could cause numerous peeple to lose out on money from missing.