Saturday, January 8, 2011

Google made a map showing animal deaths from all over the world

This map shows recent animal deaths. The folks at Google put it together based on news stories. What information would we need to know if these animal die-offs are unusual or typical? What information would we need to know in order to find out if the deaths are related or just coincidence?


  1. Wow. It is very obvious that extincition, we , Americans, have something to do with it. It seems as if we are just taking over animals homes and killing them in the process. it is also very suspcious as to where the die-offs are placed. It is mostly on the east side of America. Jasmin D.

  2. i learn that we play a big role in animal extinction. we are one of the main suspects. edgar g

  3. that is rediculous. there shouldn't be that many animals being extinct. amimals are human as well, we need homes and so do they. people should stop messing with animals homes because they wouldn't want them messing with their homes.
    Ashley T.