Thursday, April 30, 2015

Garden Plant Research

Use this page as a resource to research important information about plants you'd like to grow in our school garden. 

1. Plants must be able to be grown in Chicago
2. At least 2 of your plants must be vegetables or fruits
3. We can’t plant trees, so fruits which grow on trees won’t work this year.

Chicago is in Zone 6
Our average last frost (the last time we get freezing temperatures) is May 1st.

Gardening Links

Ten Tips for Successful Gardening

Farmers Almanac Best Time to Plant Vegetables and Watermelon in Chicago

Park Seed “Know Before You Grow” info

Zone Map (Chicago used to be in Zone 5, but now due to climate change, we’re in zone 6)

Guide to Specific Vegetables from the IL Extension Service

Herb Gardening




Monthly Gardening tips from the Farmers Almanac

Salsa Garden

Plant Profiles – Look up any plant in this alphabetical list from the Chicago Botanic Garden

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