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There are some interesting sources of information about biodiversity on the web. This unit you will need to use both web resources and your text to explore issues around biodiversity.

Start at Biodiversity 911   

Read through each section and answer the following questions on a separate sheet to turn in by 2/25
1. How many species are there on earth?  Of all those species how many are mammals?
Three Levels of Diversity
2. Describe the three levels of diversity.  (don't just list them, explain what they are too)
The Gene Scene
3. Give some examples of genetic traits in humans.
4. Why do you think genetic diversity is important for a species?
Culture and Nature
5. How do you think that nature - the environment in which a particular group of people live- affects culture?  (culture includes things like attitudes, ways of life, religion, clothing, art, music, technology)
A Watery World
6. Why are wetlands, mangroves and other watery ecosystems important for the planet?
The Big Picture
7. Draw a diagram that shows the big picture of biodiversity. Be sure to include how the three levels of diversity interact. 
Countless Connections
8. Give an example of how, if one species becomes extinct, another species may also become extinct.
So What?
9. When you click on "So What" you get more links. Please read through these links and select ONE to write about. Write a short paragraph explaining why the link you chose demonstrates the importance of protecting biodiversity. 

10. Finally learn what you can do. 
Go to  and select 3 steps you think you or your family can take to improve biodiversity in Chicago and around the world.

Your reading assignment for this unit is:
Read and take notes on Ch. 10 in the ES text. Keep these notes in your binder. Due 2/25

Answer the following Biodiversity questions on a separate sheet to turn in Due 3/1
All questions must be answered in complete sentences which re-word the question so the reader understands what you are talking about.
P. 244 Questions 2 & 3
P. 249 Question 1 – This is a short essay in which you must take a position and defend it.
P. 251 Quesiton 1
P. 257 Questions 1, 2 &3
P. 259 Questions 8-15 – Answer the multiple choice questions by writing out the question and the answer you select along with the letter of the answer. Go back to the chapter to make sure your answers are correct.

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  1. I like this a lot . I like to learn about biodiversity because it is interesting. learning about different species and what they do to the environment is very cool. Jasmin D.