Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Populaiton Ecology - How does competition affect population size?

This assignment is a virtual lab about how competition between species affects population size. You will be using an online simulation that compares populations of two different species of microscopic protozoan paramecia.

When you get to the online lab you will see directions on the left side and an interactive laboratory on the right side. READ the DIRECTIONS on the left side and follow them.

Collect all your data, graph the data and answer the Journal Questions on the lab sheets provided by your teacher, since the computers have trouble keeping and printing the data from this virtual lab.

Use the "information" button in the virtual lab for more information about the paramecia. 

1. Answer the first two journal questions before collecting your data. 
2. Collect your virtual data an record it on your lab sheet.
3. Make a line graph of your data - put "days" on the X axis and number of cells/ml on the Y axis. You will need a key to identify the lines for each type of paramecia gown alone and grown in the mixed culture.
4. Answer the rest of the journal questions when you are done with the graph.

You will need to share computers, but each person in your group should collect all the data and answer the questions in their own words.

Click here to get to the online virtual lab.

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  1. For this one. It is a virtual lab. We had to take samples and act like we are in a lab and over the days/weeks/months we would see how many of the things produce. As times goes on a lot of them produce but we also see which thing is the most dominiant. Jasmin D.