Monday, November 28, 2011

Letters from Africa to the US

Here are some letters from Nigeria to 5th Period Environmental Science Class!

Dear Celene,

To start with, I would like to let you know my data. I am Gabriel and I am fifteen years old. I hail from Ijero in Ekiti State, Nigeria. My nationality is Nigeria. I speak English, French and my native language, Yoruba.

I am also very religious as you are and I don`t wish to miss a service in the church. My parents and elder brothers always work together in order to achieve my future ambition .I would like to be a lawyer so as to render selfless service to the people and safeguard their rights.

My mentor has always been the Chief Justice of my country land (Nigeria) because of his vantage position in the country. The way and manner he is been respected always motivate me and make me think of getting to such position one day.

In my leisure time, I always wish to browse with my PC and get connected to the people. I always wish to listen to music and visit people. In my school, what motivate me most is the `I CAN` statement teachers do say to encourage me.

In my conclusion, I always wish to eat the local food that is pounded yam in addition with melon soup. I do not wish to go to restaurants .

How are you doing academically too? How is Law profession in your country?

I will be willing to hear more from you.

Sincerely yours,


Dear Elyza,

Hi, my name is Bamidele and my friends call me Afobam. I am of a Yoruba tribe in Nigeria. I speak English and my native language. I am 15 years old.

My Mum is an Accountant while my father is a Businessman. I am the last born in a family of five. I live with my parents in a four bedroom apartment. I like to hang out with my friends during holidays. I listen to gospel music, hip hop and pop.

I am a Christian and I like the gospel. My future ambition is to become a Radio activist and a Neurosurgeon. Africa his lovely here except for some corrupts practices. I would like to hear more about you in America. You can add me on Facebook “Afolabi Bamidele”. You can also follow me on Twitter “afobam001”.

Yours sincerely

Bamidele Afolabi

Dear Frank,

It’s quite fascinating to know that we bear the same name. Anyway, my name is Frank but my friends call me finest probably because I look cute. I am from Nigeria, I was born in Lagos,a city in Nigeria. Indeed, one of the biggest cities in Nigeria. I speak English and two other local dialects.

I love sciences and hate Arts Subjects with passion. I wish to be a medical doctor, a neurosurgeon, like my mentor Benjamin Carson. My values are; writing, and researching.

I love people who never give up trying. But my interests are limitless. I am a very optimistic person. I have a girlfriend whose name is Mercy we have been together since we were in grade five. She’s caring. She is 19 years now. Well she might seem a little old but she is very humble, that’s why we have been friends this long. I think you would like her.

Sometimes I wonder how schools over there look like. Well, my school has facilities which aid learning to a great extent. My school happens to be the biggest school in this state (Ekiti State, Nigeria), however, also the oldest school. An average class is about 38 students .We often engage in extra curricula activities every Friday. When we were in grade 10 we were given laptop computer by the Governor of our State. Isn’t that cool and good?

I love you and I know you would be one of the greatest people around. I would love to be your pen pal. Take care.

Yours sincerely,


Dear Karen

My name is Emmanuel, I am from Nigeria and currently a final year student of one of the best schools in Nigeria that is - Christ`s school (Nigeria – Giant of Africa). I am 16 yrs of age, happily living with my parents who do care about me so much and want the best for me at all cost. I have two elderly sisters and a younger brother who also care about me. I am a boarding house student of that great school (Christ`s school), so I find it difficult to stay at home not until the vacation day that we usually go for holiday. I live at Falegan a street in Ekiti State (one of the 36 state in Nigeria) a new area/site which is also very quiet .

I was born in Nigeria and also my parents are from Nigeria, fair in completion and I do like designing on the computer so this makes me choose my best subject as ICT (Information and Communication Technology). I love playing with my friends who also love me too.I love reading my key subject in science class especially Physics, Chemistry anBiology text books. My best food is pounded yam with a palatable soup, I also enjoy playing football with my friends, in our leisure time I love teaching them in any area they find difficult.They usually enjoy my class. This makes them to call me Professor Phato Phato is my nickname.

My ambition is to pursue Computer Software Engineering . I hope my dreams will come true. Kindly let me furnish me with more information about this field.I mean you can enlightening me more about it. I belong to a Christian group and also a leader therein but I have no pen friend ever since but you will be the first pen friend I will ever have so I am happy even to write to you. This is my email address fatokimiemman at yahoo and you can also join me on Face book “Fatokimi Emmanuel”. Thanks a lot I am ready to hear from you the more through the email address next time.Please don’t forget my request.

Yours ,

Emmanuel Fatokimi

Dear Juanita,

Hi my name is Temidayo, I am sixteen years old, I am a student of Christ’s School Ado Ekiti. My nationality is Nigeria. I hails from Ise Ekiti, Ekiti state ,Nigeria. I speak English and Yoruba.

My religion is Christianity , I go to Church at least four times in a week, I’m a chorister in my church . I also play musical instruments.

My future ambition is to become a chartered accountant in a Bank or Government established firm or company. The main purpose of becoming a chartered accountant is to check against bankruptcy and embezzlement of funds. I know with the help of God I will become what I dream of.

In response to your question, Juanita, I like playing football and basketball and listening to music during my leisure time, but it was unfortunate that I don’t like dancing, I prefer swimming to dancing, I also like some of the things you like doing like talking to a friend. In Africa, especially in Nigeria days are Sunny, cool and interesting. In short,our weather is friendly.

It’s a pleasure meeting you, looking forward to hearing more from you. You can email me on my email address temidayoakindahunsi at yahoo.

Yours sincerely


Dear pen friend,

My name is Isinkaye Segun I am 12years old and I was born on march 5 1999 . I am dark in complexion and I am also a native of Ijesa Isu Ekiti. The names of my parents are Mr. and Mrs. Isinkaye. I am the second born of my family and we are five in my family. I am in JSS3, and my best food is bread and tea. I like it because it gives me energy and also build my body tissues. My best subject is mathematics and I love it because it involves calculation and formula.

My best colour is pink and the name of my best club is Manchester united while the name of my best friend is Afolabi Bamidele.

My future ambition is to become medical doctor and my favorite tourist centres are Ikogosi warm spring and zoological garden. I have a yahoo mail and a face book account and my hobbies are reading and drumming. Thanks I will like to hear from you later.

Yours sincerely

Segun Isinkaye

Dear Pen Pal,

I am Dada Oluwatunmise Israel, a son to Mr. and Mrs. Dada. I am a native of Orin Ekiti, in Ekiti state[south-west Nigeria], Nigeria[which is between latitude 4˚N and 14˚N of the equator and latitude 3˚E and 15˚E of the Greenwich meridian] in the western part of Africa. Counting days and month lived on earth, I am a boy of seventeen years of age, and born on the precious day of November 29. Also I live presently in Ado city, in Ekiti state, Nigeria.

Educationally, I am in grade 11. There is a maxim, which says, ’’egg hash and grow to become a cock”, before my present educational stage, there’s a lot of life educational success, which have been achieved. Prayer and hard work makes one proceed, progress and achieve success in this life. I am willing and I will become an engineer in electronics and computer engineering in future by God’s grace. My focus on this profession is to change the world for better, through electronic gadgets and make the world a more advanced global village.

Physically alertness and sport hobbies, I love sporting activities because it will make you to be physically and mentally alert. Structurally, I am a senior boy in measurement, according to sport personnel. Meanwhile, I’m huge and giant enough to be a sporting boy of valor. Racing is best sporting hobby; in racing, I gain fame, discipline and respect. Also, I love music; music also makes me mentally alert, especially western Christian gospel music. The wordings or lyrics and the habit of distinct pronouncement, also makes me a good chorister. Music is my best recreational activity. Reading also is not lest out, I love to study things and know how it comes into existence, the mode of creation and the practical uses. This makes a scientist.

Reaching me via email :outshine22me at hotmail, or outshineworld at live, also via facebook account: outshine Dada oluwatunmise With all these, I will like to know you; location of your residence, town, state and country; state of education in North Grand High School; your future ambition and your best recreational activity and hobby.

Yours sincerely,

Tunmise [a.k.a Outshine].

Dear Julian,

Hi, my name is Tobi, I am a student of Christ’s School Secondary here in Ekiti State. I’m now in the graduation class. I am 15 years old born in the beautiful month of April. I’m a Nigerian indigene probably from Yoruba land. I hail from Ikole Local Government. I love to speak two languages which are English and my native language Yoruba.

I’m a Christian attending “The Redeemed Christian Church of God” (RCCG) and I am proud to be an Usher in my church. Whenever I’m bored, I do hang out with my friends or play indoor games.

Something funny about me is that I love to cook, I also love to chat with friends through any chatting medium i.e Facebook. I love listening to music be it Hip-Hop, R&B, Christian music and any interesting music, meanwhile my favorite musician is Chris Brown.

I live with my Parents and I love my family for one thing which is that they do collaborate to help me to finance my academic work, and what they aim at is for me to attain my greatest height in life.

In response to your questions Julian, I love playing soccer just as you do, and pertaining to my future ambition, I will like to be a Mechanical Engineer which I’ve been working towards.

In conclusion, it is a coincidence meeting you, I will like to have some personal data about you. Till then, Stay cool. A friend of mine sends his regards. You can add me on Facebook with my Username “Oluwasakin Tobi”. You can also message me on my email oluwasakintobi at yahoo.

Yours sincerely,


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