Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pen Pal Letters from NGHS- Environmental Science Class_Ms. Saez

My name is Anissa I’m 17years old i have one sister and four brothers. My favorite color is purple and red. I’m Puerto Rican and Cuban. I was born in Illinois. I always wanted to visit Africa to see what it’s like, but never did. I hear you guys don’t have very much to do out there. I’m sorry to hear that I wish I can help. But things that I do for hobbies are hanging with friends, dance, but most of all gymnastics. I don’t know if you have that in Africa but it’s really fun. Because you do all kinds of different of flips. Our schools are no different than yours. We do pretty much everything like you guys, read books write, talk to friends and much more. I would like to hear about you and everything you guys do out there: school, families foods and more. I will love to hear about it.

To whom it may concern
Hello my name is Ashley Wright I attend North Grand High School. I must admit I know little to nothing about Africa except that it has a desert like climate and it’s very dry. I would love to know more about the climate and the desert lands. I live in Chicago where the weather is always changing one day it snows the next day it’s sunny. Do you see a lot of wild life such as lions, cheetah’s, hippos? I would love to see a lion up close the closest I have seen one is at the zoo. I hope to one day visit Africa and learn about the climate/ culture well that’s all for now.

Ashley Wright

What’s up ? My name is Marimar Salgado I’m 17 years old I live in Chicago IL, The weather from Chicago is horrible the only months we love is June & July & August other than that we have below 0 temperatures. However, Chicago has beautiful places like Down Town, and we have many malls that we could shop. My favorite season is winter because we get to wear fancy clothes like jackets and sweaters and so on. Chicago has different types of food like Mexican food, Puerto Rican Food. I love doing cheerleading because I feel it fits my personality. Cheerleading means is 20 girls cheering and supporting their schools to do good. I will love to know what you guys do and what types of foods you guys eat. We have a nice community we always keep it clean. Teachers from Chicago are very nice their always trying to help us out they teach us different subjects like writing, math. Reading, and science. The name of the school that I go to is North Grand High school and I’m currently a Junior. The school is very clean and organized. I love how my school does different projects like basketball, volleyball, softball, cheerleading, swimming and more. I think if you guys will come to Chicago. You guys will fall in love with Chicago specially girls because they got all different types of designers the thing right now is pupping is zebra and lea pored. Will peace out take care guys and be safe hopefully I get a respond back.
Hi my name is Edwin I am from the United States of America in IL, Chicago. I go to North Grand High school. The school I go to is pretty good, the teachers are nice. The one thing I don’t like about the school is the food, it doesn’t have any flavor. The neighborhood is alright. It’s a Hispanic area the people are nice once you get to know them. Things I like is to do is play some video game, watch some TV, hang out with my friends. The weather in Chicago is always changing so you never know what to expect the next day.

I would like to know what do you think about the project we have to do ? I would like to know the type of person you are and I would like to know more about your country , like what do you think of it and if you like your country.

To whom it may concern: Hello! I’m writing to you from Chicago, Illinois. I am a seventeen year old student at North-Grand High School . I am curious about how you live over there in Nigeria. I think it might be very different to the way we live here. Your country might have some things that my country doesn’t and vice versa. Right now it is winter here in the US. I really don’t like the winter because it’s so cold and then it snows but I guess that’s the crazy weather, right? How is the weather over there? Warm I suppose. You’re so lucky! What do you think about this project, the whole writing to someone else all the way across the continent? I think it’s really exciting I’ve never done this before. I am sitting here and I don’t know what to write..I could tell you a bit about myself. I am Mexican mixed with German, I LOVE to draw, I own a pet kitten named Puma, my favorite color is red, and I have two piercings on my lip!…you should try to guess my name then I could try and guess yours J (by the way, I’m a female). I hope you don’t think I’m weird ha-ha I’m just very friendly! I would love to hear about you and learn more about your country.
Hello there, my name is Ruby I am from Chicago I’m sixteen I love hello kitty. I attend North Grand high school. I am currently a junior in high school; I take four classes a day. It is very cold where I am how is the weather over there? There is going to be snow here soon. I hate snow its just so cold and wet. Next week Thursday is Thanksgiving. Me and my family make a big dinner and eat together and give thanks. We make a big turkey, arroz con gandules, mashed potatoes etc. This is the best time of the year. I would really like to hear about you, I hope you write back soon.

Sincerely, Ruby

Hey, am writing to you to so you could know a little bit about myself. My name is Itzel Arroyo but my friends call me princess Nana. I am 17 years old and a senior in North Grand High School. I live in Chicago, Illinois, but I am Mexican American. I know how to speak Spanish and English of course haha. I am a funny girl that like to have to fun and chill with my friends. I don’t really like school but I have to come every day so I could graduate and go to college. My teachers are good teachers they help us with a lot when we need help with something or if we need someone to talk to they will be there for us.
Chicago Illinois is a great state/ city I love living here, I specially love the summer even though it gets to hot when summer comes but it’s really fun because they open the pools, six flags and all this cool places. What kind of fun things you do in Africa? But right now its November and its getting cold but the good thing is that thanksgiving is coming yayyy!! That means am going to eat a lot haha J How is thanksgiving over there? Do you like it ? I hate the winter and its coming up already specially when it snows sometimes is fun because w e go ice skating play snow fight but it be super cold and I hate the cold weather. What I like about the winter is that I could get to play with my little sisters my dog my family because we don’t get along that much but when winter comes and it start snowing we be spending time together. Also because Christmas is coming up and new years I can’t wait because my whole family always get together and enjoy the holiday. Well I will love to know about yourself? What do you think about this project we going to do ? do you think is lame ? I think it will be kind of fun because we will get to know each other and work as a team.

Hey my name is Dalvin Ramos
I attend North Grand high school and I’m a senior. I’m from Chicago Illinois and I been living in Chicago for 7 years. I only been in Chicago for 7 years because I moved to Chicago from Puerto Rico. I was born and raised in Puerto Rico until I moved to Chicago. Chicago is a nice area to live in because you get to witness all the climate changes such as fall, winter, and spring. My favorite time of the year is spring and summer because that’s when baseball starts and baseball is a sport I’ve played since the age of 6 so I basically live to play baseball. Every summer I play for 4 teams in different parts of Illinois Chicago and some of the teams are traveling teams so I get to travel to other states to play against other competitive teams. The position I play is centerfield which is outfield and that’s been my position since I started to play baseball. My jersey number is 15 and that’s my favorite number because the player who I admire is Carlos Beltran and he also wears the number 15 and plays centerfield. Baseball is my way to get away from mostly everything especially bad influences so it motivates me to always do my best in school because without the grades I will not be able to play baseball for the school team. So that’s mostly what I and hopefully I get scholarships from colleges for being good at the sport because my lifelong dream is to play for a D-1 college and hopefully continue to play ball after college which is pro baseball/MLB-Major League Baseball and that would be a dream come true. So besides baseball I’m basically a laid back person who doesn’t really like violence and I’m a funny person and easy to get along with person. So hopefully after you read this I hope to get a letter back from you and tell me about the sport you like to play or whatever you like to do.
Sincerely:Dalvin Ramos

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