Friday, April 20, 2012

Everything's Cool - Politics of Climate Change

Watch the documentary "Everything's Cool" which is available on Netflix
and may be available on YouTube or other sites.

Read the New York Times Movie Review of it which can be found at

Visit the website from the film.

and then...

Answer the "EVERYTHING’S COOL" questions – Answer on a separate sheet. Please copy the questions and use full sentences that make sense. Please proofread for clarity – make sure your ideas come through.
1. What is the filmmaker’s point of view? (In other words, what is his position on climate change AND on the way politics is related to it?)
2. Do you think they have presented convincing evidence for the argument they are making? Give one or more examples from the film to support your opinion.
3. As a society, we make decisions through the political process. Do you think science is being considered fairly in the political process? Explain one way you believe the political process could be improved so science could be used better in decision making.
4. What are your overall reactions to this film? Explain at least two things you learned from it. 

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