Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sources of Energy

We learned how energy moves through the ecosystem from the sun to producers to consumers, but what about the energy we use to heat our homes, run our factories and fuel our transportation? This unit is about those sources of energy.

from http://www.publicagenda.org/whoturnedoutthelights/sources-of-energy

Use the following websites as well as others you find to answer the questions below on your worksheet. You may use other sources as well, but start with some of these. 

Energy Quest’s Energy Story site is at http://energyquest.ca.gov/story/index.html Chapter 6-20 are good resources.

The butons on the left side show many different types of energy resources including fossil fuels, nuclear, solar, wind, tidal, hydroelectric, wave, geothermal and biofuels.

ThinkQuest.org has some great sites that were made by students for students: http://library.thinkquest.org/06aug/01885/

You MUST use your own words. Do not copy from websites or from other students.

1. What is energy?

2. What is the difference between chemical, potential and kinetic energy?

3. What is a “non-renewable” resource? Define it and give 3 examples.

4. What is a “renewable” resource? Define it and give 3 examples. 

5. Explain do you think we still use mostly non-renewable resources? Is this good or bad? Why?

6.  Describe advantages and disadvantages of the following: 
Oil, Coal, Natural Gas, Nuclear, Hydro, Geothermal, Solar, Wind, Biofuels, Others? 

7. What 4 types of energy sources do you think will be used most in the future? Explain your reasons for each source you select. 

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