Monday, September 1, 2014

Welcome to Environmental Science!

Welcome to Environmental Science at North-Grand!

Course Purpose and Description:
The Environmental Science course will introduce students to the interdisciplinary study of how humans interact with the natural environment. The course combines biology, ecology, Earth science, chemistry, physics, and social sciences to uncover the complex relationships between humans and living and non-living systems on the Earth. Topics include ecosystems, food webs, populations dynamics, biodiversity, the atmosphere, climate, air, water, land, soil, food and agriculture, renewable and non-renewable resources, energy, waste, sustainability, economics and decision making related to these issues.

Course Objectives:
1.         Students will learn the concepts, methods, and vocabulary of environmental science at a deep level.
2.         Students will learn to design and run experiments and investigations into the nature and function of environmental systems.
3.         Students will develop critical thinking and science skills so they can analyze, understand, and affect the world in a positive way.
4.         Students will prepare to succeed in other science classes including AP science during their time at NGHS.
5.         Students will prepare to succeed on the ACT exam to give them options for college and careers.

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Periodicals such as Scientific American, National Geographic, Discover, etc.

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