Sunday, January 4, 2015

Population Ecology - How does competition affect population size?

To See the Crash Course Population Ecology Video with Hank click here or see below (but YouTube doesn't work at school, so you should try it at home.) 

Virtual Lab about how competition between species affects population size: 

You will be using an online simulation that compares populations of two different species of microscopic protozoan paramecia.

Paramecium Types
This lab is about Paramecium aurelia and Paramecium caudatum
When you get to the online lab you will see directions on the left side and an interactive laboratory on the right side. READ the DIRECTIONS on the left side of the virtual lab and follow them along with the directions on the LAB SHEET you received in class. 

Be sure to answer the objective and hypothesis questions and ALL the pre-lab questions BEFORE you collect any data.

Collect all data and create your graph on the LAB SHEET you received in class. Read all directions carefully so you can collect all your data. Once you've collected your data and made your graph, answer the analysis/conclusion questions found on page 3 of the lab sheet.

Click HERE for the Virtual Lab

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