Friday, March 18, 2011

Coverage of the disaster in Japan

Common Dreams is a national nonprofit, progressive, nonpartisan citizens' organization. They put together information about environmental, social justice and peace issues.

You can follow their coverage of the disaster in Japan at a special page they set up. There is a live Twitter feed about the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear emergency as well as many articles about these issues.

The New York Times has a very informative multimedia slideshow about how a reactor shuts down and how a meltdown could occur. The video clip we watched showing how the Japanese reactors work is here.


  1. I enjoyed watching the video clip in class. It was very interesting and very educational.

    Samantha R.

  2. I always love going to this class not because we sometimes watch movies like these; but because we learn about important things about the environment like this :P
    Samuel C!

  3. This blog spot is a non profit organization that talks about how it has been helping environmental issues as well as building a better world. Liked the video.

  4. This blog is about a group of people that showed us how bad the environjment is and how we can work together to find a solution.
    karina M