Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Radiation from Japanese Nuclear Plants Heading Our Way

 There is no reason to panic at this point, but we do need to pay attention to what is going on in Japan. Radioactive fallout may make its way to the US and if it starts to contaminate agricultural land on the west coast we may need to monitor our food supply to make sure the toxic radiation isn't magnified as it moves up the food chain to us.

The flow of wind around the globe will spread the radiation from the Japanese nuclear disaster around the globe. This interactive feature of the New York Times predicts the dispersal of the radiation.


  1. This really concerns me. What happens to our future generations to come? Will they be greatly affected by the radiation?
    Samantha R.

  2. Has me thinking how can we change the world with out changing the economy. I wish we could be better for generations to come in the future.
    Samuel C.!

  3. This blog post was really informative about how radiation can be dangerous if it reaches us as well as for the future. What steps can we as people of today take to make a solution.

  4. This blog post help us alot because this shows us baout the radiation could affect the future. we the people are trying to find a way out to solve this kinds of problems.
    Karina.M #11 =)