Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What can students do to make a difference?

The above link explains the following suggestions. There are great images, charts and graphs along with the explanations.

1. Live in walkable, transit oriented neighborhoods, whether in large cities or small towns.

2. Get a Bike. 

3. Do the free, cheap and easy stuff first.

4. Live within the Comfort Kidney.

5. Put on a sweater (or a Hawaiian shirt) 

6. Cut back on Red meat. 

7. Eat local and seasonal food. 

8. Can all you can. 

9. Go minimalist. 

10. Live in less space. 

11. Relax.


  1. I'm kinda confused about number 5. What do you mean?
    Samantha R.

  2. For this blog this is very informant. I already knew most of these things although I have no idea what minimalist means. I also have no idea what live within the Comfort Kidney means. But I can definetly get a bike. I don't know what relaxing would do to help the environment but i like to relax so i will do that a lot :) Jasmin D

  3. Its was hard to understand at first but it is very well interesting. i already bike instead of taking a car or bus to reduce my eco-foot print :):P
    Samuel. C!

  4. as a athlete it is hard for me to lay off the red meat. what i could try to do is ride my bike more often to be eco friendly and for excersise.
    Leo R